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3 Characteristics of a Successful Freelance Writer

You may have heard it said that anyone can become a freelance writer. While this may be true to an extent, the ones who make it for the long haul stand out from the crowd. Outside of having writing skills (a MUST), these are the 3 key characteristics that will help ensure your greater success. If you don't have these skills perfected, there are steps you can take to improve them and we've included tips for you below. Successful Freelancers Stick to Their Schedule As a freelancer it's tempting to play hooky. When you're the boss nobody knows if you're working or playing. In fact, your client doesn't really care as long as you get your work done and respond to them promptly.However, as you already know, things happen. If you wait until the very last minute to work on a project chances are that's the day you're going to be sick. That's the day your internet is going to go down. It's very stressful and often puts you in a situation where you have …

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