Daily Affirmation: Wealth Comes To Me In Unexpected Ways.

  • The universe works in mysterious ways, and my bank account is proof of this.
  • I am on the receiving end of a lot of good fortune.
  • I constantly receive money, job and investment opportunities, and favours from a variety of unexpected sources.
  • I am blessed. 
  • There are countless money-making opportunities around me.
  • Many of these just seem to fall into my lap.
  • Whether someone pays me back for a loan I have long forgotten, or I receive a discount on an item I need, wealth comes to me in one form or another.
  • I receive career opportunities from surprising sources.
  • I might receive a promotion, or a friend shows me a listing for a great job that suits me perfectly.
  • I am regularly surprised.
  • I believe in abundance.
  • I am as deserving of abundance as anyone else in the world.
  • My belief in abundance allows it to become my reality.
  • I find what I expect to find.
  • I expect to find opportunities related to wealth.
  • My eyes and mind are open to the possibilities around me.
  • Wealth regularly comes to me in unexpected ways.
  • Today, I look for unique opportunities to increase my wealth and abundance.
  • My mind is open.
  • I am in a receptive state.
  • I am confident that some form of wealth is coming to me today. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When did I last receive a financial windfall?
2. What opportunities am I ignoring, overlooking, or failing to take advantage of in my life?
3. What do I believe is my best opportunity to increase my wealth? Am I acting upon it?

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