Sunday, 1 December 2019

How To Raise Your Self Esteem

How Raising Self-Esteem Makes You Independent

Many swear by the effectiveness of raising their self-esteem in establishing their independence. Have you been curious as to what this could do for you and how you could work to boost your self-esteem? Let us help!

In this article, you’ll learn the following:
● How raising your self-esteem can help establish your independence
● How raising your self-esteem can help ensure you retain your independence
● How to raise your self-esteem - basic practices to get you started

Raising Self-Esteem Boosts Your Confidence
The major way that raising self-esteem can make you independent is by boosting your confidence. The more confident you are, the more independent you’re going to want to be.
It will inspire you to not only insist on your independence but demand you get it. As you boost your self-esteem and you become more confident, you’ll find that you have more of a command over your independence.

Daily Affirmation: Wealth Comes To Me In Unexpected Ways.

  • The universe works in mysterious ways, and my bank account is proof of this.
  • I am on the receiving end of a lot of good fortune.
  • I constantly receive money, job and investment opportunities, and favours from a variety of unexpected sources.
  • I am blessed. 
  • There are countless money-making opportunities around me.
  • Many of these just seem to fall into my lap.
  • Whether someone pays me back for a loan I have long forgotten, or I receive a discount on an item I need, wealth comes to me in one form or another.
  • I receive career opportunities from surprising sources.
  • I might receive a promotion, or a friend shows me a listing for a great job that suits me perfectly.

How To Design A Plan For Your Life

Life is to be savoured and enjoyed. Each person on earth deserves to have a wonderful life. However, in order to live a life you love, it’s important to consider a Life Plan in which you’ve formulated everything you want out of life.
  •  Your Home. This chapter encourages you to consider whether you’re living in the place you want and the type of home you prefer. Also, setting up your home to fit your wants and needs is addressed.
  • Career and Work. In this chapter, you’ll be asked to ponder your career and ask yourself if you’re getting everything out of your work that you’re seeking. Also, you’ll be encouraged to think about whether you’re doing the type of work you want.
  • Love Relationships and Family. What are your desires about your love relationship and family? Reflect on your current love relationship and whether your wants and needs are met in the relationship.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

How to change your energy to change your world!

Enlightenment Fest

Change your energy, change your world
Discover how every alteration in your thoughts affects your energy. This is not about using your mind to change behaviors. It is much easier. It is about using your mind to influence your energy so the behavior automatically changes. The same holds true for all aspects of your life.
This is part of what you will experience during the upcoming Enlightenment Fest. You can listen to the program free of charge beginning December 2.
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You will learn how the Universe works, how your energy interacts with it, what your energy is doing or not doing right now, and how to change it for the better. You’ll be able to apply this understanding to everything:
Creativity ... finance ... visualization ... relationships ... productivity ... stress management ... parenting ... success … the possibilities are limitless.

7 Steps To Freelance Writing Success

“When your livelihood depends on self-imposed productivity, you either get good at it or you find yourself in mounds of debt.” ― Nacie Ca...