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Belinda is a Transformational Coach who focuses on bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

She is a Transformational expert and has extensive training and experience in NLP, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and Success Coaching.

Her Mission is to help you overcome those habits, fears, emotions and memories that prevent you from achieving your wildest DREAMS. 
Whatever your trouble her services are designed to give you powerful alternatives to creating your OWN compelling future. 

I block 60 minutes off for this strategy session and WILL CALL YOU AT THE PHONE NUMBER PROVIDED. If you're outside the UK, we'll meet via zoom. 

During this call, I'll ask you a number of questions to understand where you are NOW with your Life/Career, what your GOALS are, and any CHALLENGES you're having. 

This will help me determine how you can get the best, fastest and longest lasting results from my program. If you cannot find a listed time that works, please email me at

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